Fiber Optic Star Ceiling 


 Example Install Guide 


First figure out the pattern you wish to see in your ceiling and then use our small stainless steel wire or nail for poking holes in the Drywall or Drop ceiling panel. Use our EG25, EG32, EG50 or our  EGPack48 Endglow cable. Cut the Jacket back 6" sections at a time for a total of 2 ft back and spread the fibers out to cover a 2-4 sq ft area.  From top down install the  .75mm fibers through ceiling material leaving about 1/2" of the fiber sticking out the ceiling side. Use glue only if necessary. Tape the cable down to stud or top of drywall and run cables back to illuminator, cut cable and repeat till ceiling is covered with fibers. Triple up fibers, 5-7 fibers to make a larger star point like a big dipper or north star!

Once all fiber are in place, remove 2-3" of the end jacket from cable and insert the cables in the Light unit connector. Fill up and gap in the connector with extra 2" cut sections of cable and tighten down connector. Come back down to the ceiling side and push the fiber sticking out, up to the surface of the ceiling, you can leave a few stick out and down about 1/8" to create some glowing effects. Next turn unit on and wala!! Your done!

SO to calculate the cable you need we do this example :

12' x 12' Room = 144 sq ft.

144 x 4 points per sq ft = 576 points

COOLSKY LED Illuminator holds 500 fibers  ONLY

Add an extra 100 to 200 fibers for larger stars (5-7 fiber in 1 hole) unless you order the EGP48

So if your number exceeds the capacity for the illuminator, then you need to order another light unit or cut back on the number of stars per sq ft.

Then we take the 576 (points) and divide by the EG cable being used i.e.: EG32 and we get 

576 / 32 = 18 X 10(distance from Light box to end run) = 180 ft of EG32 cable (Approximate) 


The Items you will order when ready:

....... Lightbox  ................Cutter.......................Endglow Cable



Comes with: 1-CC-1,  100 Ft of EG32 or EG-Pack48* Endglow cable, and 1 COOLSKY LED UNIT in Color, Or WhiteNOTE: This unit only holds 500 .75mm fibers.   You can order more cable separately now or later if needed. This package you cover about 10 x 10 room.

Note: EG Pack-48 has 32-.75m, 10-.5mm, & 6- 1.5mm Fiber in a Fire Rated Black Cable.

$447.95  + Fed-Ex 3 Day $15.00 = $462.95


Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit

For Larger Room Sizes, Restaurants, Motels, and Millionaires, Please call us so we can calculate needed Units and cable.

(435) 472-4205

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Cut fiber flush to ceiling                         Fibers in hole from back of panel


Fibers should stick out 1/2"  or cut flush to ceiling.

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  This Old House Fiber Ceiling 



More Examples of stars in a Star Ceiling Dome

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