The COLORMAX 2000 is a new LED Color Changing Light Unit. Measuring only 2h x 2.5w x 6"l . It can take power from 12 to 24 volts DC. The unit can generate the Full Rainbow of colors and Single color with just a push of the Button. Fast color or slow color change. NO Heat, No Fan, No Noise. Perfect for Endglow  or better yet Solid Sideglow Cable. 

You can add Fiber Cable (sold separately) to unit for Costumes, Models, Signs, Water Features and more.

Unit comes ready to run with 12vdc Adaptor. And FTC  13 Connector able to hold up to 100 Fibers or 3/8" Solid cable.


This is only for SOLID CORE SIDEGLOW Cable or ENDGLOW Stranded CABLE  It will not light the Stranded Sideglow you need to order the DICON Unit if lighting Stranded !





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