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 The following devices are a family of low-cost, medium-frequency, short-distance fiber optic emitters and detectors. Each emitter and detector consists of a PVC housing, an internal active element such as an LED or Photo-detector and a cinch nut to hold the fiber in place. The PVC housing retains the active element and the cinch nut while optimizing coupling between the active element and the jacketed 1000 Ám plastic fiber.

These devises are simple: No special tools or training required. Only a sharp knife or razor blade is needed to terminate the plastic fiber, then a bit of polishing. When the fiber is inserted in the emitter or detector, tighten the cinch nut. Thereafter, the fiber can be removed simply by loosening the nut.

The IF-95T contains a Photo-logic detector with a totem-pole output and the 95OC is a similar detector with an open-collector option. Both versions contain an IC with a photodiode, linear amplifier, voltage regulator, and Schmitt trigger. The devices feature TTL/CMOS compatible logic level output which can drive up to 5 TTL over supply voltages ranging from 4.5 to 16 volts.


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E96 & D92 (Pic above)

Ready to mount Emitters & Detectors, Infrareds and More!  

Photo Detector Motorola ..... $2.95

E91A Infrared 940nm Emit ..$2.50

E91B 880nm Emit . . $2.65

E92 Blue Emitter . . . .$9.00

E93 Green Emitter . . . . . .$8.25

E96 Red LED Emitter. . . $3.75

E97 Bright Red . . . . . $4.50

E98 Red 50 Mbps . . $10.00

E99 Red 155 Mbps . . $25.00

D91 Photodiode . . . $2.90

D92 Phototransistor . . .$2.50

D93 Photodarlington . . . $3.50

D97 Photo-Logic 50 Mbps. . $13.50

D98 Photo-Logic 155 Mbps . . $19.75



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