Electronics Supplies


We carry a full line of Electronic components for all of your circuitry projects! From Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, to IC's. If we don show it, call it in and maybe we have it or can get it for you!

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 CMOS 4000 Series 

  TTL 7400 Series  






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 Electrical Engineering & Prototype Fees 

 We can design smaller circuits and prototype projects for your inventions or ideas. Micro-programing is available. Our shop has the tools to get the job done! Fees are based on labor and parts, once your sample is in hand, and it works to your desire, we can talk about large volume production at that time. Turn-around time is based on when we can get to it and on a first come first serve bases and parts availability.



Circuit Design

$100.00 per sq in.

 $150.00 Min. for  Micro-Programming 

Includes 3 to 10 samples for that price, electronics parts or labor not included.


Labor Design

Labor charges are based on $60.00 per hour for any design prototype package i.e: Project box or cases, switches, controllers, models etc.

Price does not include parts!