Fiber Optic Concrete Countertops are the latest big movers around the world. Weather doing a Pour in place, or Mold cast, Fiber Optics adds richness, elegance, and a sight to be seen ! Unlimited ideas with fiber from Walkways, Walls, Countertops, and Architectural Designs.

We DO NOT BUILD Countertops, we are only the supplier for the Fiber Optic and Light Units. We will guide you in selecting the right parts to make your tops.

Below are the Most used items for a standard Star Field set up.

1. Endglow Cables or Unjacketed fiber

2. LED light unit in Colored or White light.

3. Cutting Tools


Most Popular items Sold:

Coolsky Led Unit : For designs using more then 200 Endpoints.

Multi-led unit : For designs using less then 200 points.

FOP16-Watt Led unit  : For designs using Gems, glass bottles and smaller less then 1 inch added effects.

SGS5 Solid Side glow Cable : For designs making River effects or poured in epoxy resins

EGS?B Cables : For larger spots or to carry more light to an embedded object for lighting.


How to figure how many feet of fiber you need for a given area:

Square feet to be covered * times number of points per sq foot = number of Total Points.

Total points % Divided by the cable being used

EX: EG32 (32 strands) = Feet of cable * itself = total footage of cable needed.

Example:  2 x 8 foot countertop = 16 sq ft. * 6 points per sq ft = 96 points % by 32 strand cable = 3 * 3 = 9 feet of cable.

Always over order just to make sure !

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