Fiber Optic Scopes



Don't spend all day wondering where the heck that nut or object fell to! Now you can look behind all of your walls or even look behind the refrigerator when your favorite refrigerator magnet falls down. The uses are limitless! This Scope will pay for itself over and over again in reduced labor costs. The amount of time you will save troubleshooting and problem-solving will make you more productive and profitable than ever before

The high resolution lens provides a clear image of objects as close as 3/4 inch and over one foot away while providing a wide 40 degree field of view. A powerful lamp illuminates dark crevices on demand with the push of a button conveniently located on the handle. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and allows one-handed focusing and light activation.

Talk about Rugged this baby is water, oil & gasoline resistant.  FiberScope is made of high impact ABS and flexible cable sheathing that obediently stays in a set position. Adjust the cable into any position and it will stay fixed in place, until you decide to change it. This feature permits one-handed operation freeing your other hand for work!

Carpentry       Mechanical      Plumbing 

From your local search and seizure to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, Fiberscope has been a proven performer. Affordable, easy to use and rugged, keep it  in your vehicle or in your pack.

Why take the sink apart before you know what is clogging it up. With Fiberscope you can look into and down to see
what needs help.


 Comes in 2 Models:

18"                or             36"

$249.95                                    $299.95



ADD More to the scope

FO Scope Camera Coupler

Great for warranty claims, diagnostic, evidence recording and much more. Features black anodized finish with precision machined 37mm threads and a recessed snug fit "O" ring for a more secure fit. The FO Camera Coupler will work on all cameras with a threaded filter base but, you might need to purchase the "step-up," or "step-down" rings that are easily available at any camera store or department.

Technical Specs :
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Thread Diameter: 37mm
Package Amount: 1 pc per/pkg
Package type: Plastic box
Weight: 1.5 oz

Scope Camera Coupler