Glass Block Bars and Walls

Note: Some Photos have been enhanced for clarity, some glass blocks also used florescent tubes for lighting

FOP Does not guarantee the Light output will look like example photos, it is up to the Glass block Installer to correctly place the cables. We only sell the Cables and Light unit, Not the glass bocks !!

Installing Sideglow cable behind or inside of glass blocks is an excellent way to light up your bar or bathroom. Remember that it is up to the installer to move the cables around to best achieve the correct lighting. The cables will always glow but it is the final say of the customer that determines where the light will refract and light the blocks correctly. Please call us to have us correctly select the right cable and light units for your project!

The price for a standard 5 block high x 8 ft long counter wall is estimated at $800 and up.

BEFORE CALLING, We need to know the number of blocks High, and Long. We need the measurement from the Light Unit to end of cable per each run, add these up and call in, or order on-line that total + 5-10 ft extra for mistakes, and the Light Unit. Normal Bar tops are 40" or 5 Blocks (8" Glass blocks) High, by 10 ft or so long. The Light unit will hold up to7  SGS7- 1/4" Sideglow cables. When purchasing parts for glass block lighting all you need is the SGS7 or SG35 or SG50 Solid Sideglow cable our FOP150-DMX-R, and theLight unit. That's it !!!


Fiber is held in place with our P-Clips , U-Channel Track system, or you can mount cable in-between blocks.

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