Fiber Optic Guitar Fret

Light Kit



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The NEW Fretglow Fiber Optic Lighting system will enhance you Guitar allowing you to see your markers in Dim or Dark settings like, Stage, Bedrooms, Dark Bars and More.

Our design allows builder to add fibers inside neck so that your markers can change color with just a twist of a switch (Not Included) which you mount on your guitar. You can create your choice of color depending on how wire up LED leads.

Remember !! This is only the Kit, you still have to assemble the fiber and electronics into your disassembled instrument. 

The Kit comes complete with: 

20 ft of 1.5mm or 2mm Fiber Optic Endglow Fiber

9v Battery Snap Battery Holder

Fiber Tube Connector

Polishing Film

Full Spectrum LED and Resistors

Electronics Instructions


All for only:



Click here for Installation Guide # 1


Click here for Installation Guide # 2


Click here to see one guys set up with leds in action.




Here's the schematic for above setup provided by Koen Bussemaker.