How to Order

The Simple Guide to Our Company !!



First, Understand that we carry 4 different types of Lighting here.

1. Fiber Optic Lighting:  Light carrying device that brings light from one end to another, or light along it's side.

2. LED Lighting:  Diode Device that produces light when powered by small DC Current.

3. Electro-Luminescence Wire: A.K.A EL Wire or Lightning Wire: Wire the Glows when powered from DC to AC inverter.

4. Cold Cathode Lighting: Gas Filled glass tube that glows when powered from driver at 12VDC.

So look at the project you are making and decide what item above will best Light your project.




Second, READ the Shipping & RETURN Page, If you don't , you have no excuse for an overcharged card or Refund. Be Aware of the fact that the shipping delay times are posted on the FRONT of the Webpage. If you have an job due Friday, you best be ordering on Monday not Thursday !!

FREE SAMPLES:  We do not give out FREE Samples, not because we don't wish to but we just get to many calls requesting samples. The average order take 20 mins to fill so if we stopped to give freebies out, the whole day would be over and no paying persons order would get filled !!




Third, Pick the length of the cable or number of items.

Be aware if the items are sold per Meter or per Foot or Each.




Fourth, Finish Ordering Items and fill our information, Name, Card Info, Etc. 




Fifth, Be aware of the fact that we do not have the time to plan your creative project anymore due to large volume orders coming in. So please, if you are unsure about a product, order a small amount and test it !!



Sixth, Start Browsing and ORDER !!!!!!