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Responds to Touch, Voice, and Music! -- Using super bright technology, combined with miniature electronics, Lumin Disk was created as a flat panel disk with an amazing display of light that will respond to touch or dance to music. -- The new flat panel Lumin Disk has a removable table top stand so you can hang the disk. Because the electronics are miniature, your flat panel Lumin Disk will hang only inches from the wall. -- The Lumin Disk features sound sensitivity for the ultimate audio-visual experience! The entire surface responds to your touch. Simply touch the glass to gather the light on your fingertips-interactive light! A great light for your bedroom or music room; and a spectacular light show for your next party! -- Comes in assorted colors, blue, green, magenta, orange, white, rainbow - our choice. -- Disk measures 6.0" in diameter. -- 3 "AA" Batteries or AC powered, adapter included.


Lumin Plasma Disk




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