LUXEON® is a registered trademark of Lumileds Lighting

The brightest LED on the market!



LuxeonTM Power Leds offer significant advantages over standard Super-bright LEDS. With up to 80 Lumens of Light output, they are very bright having the highest flux in the world. The standard Luxeon White LED will produce 35-40 lumens per watt which is 5 to 20 time brighter then standard leds.

 A LUXEONŽ led will last an average of 10 years or 50,000 hours with correct voltage and current supplied to it, this means that they can be used to replace conventional lighting in many areas. They are more efficient then incandescent bulbs and most Halogen light sources and they are fast approaching the efficiency of Fluorescents.

These LEDs are small, directional pinpoints of light which result in highly controllable optical systems with no wasted light. No moving parts, nothing to break, shatter or leak.

The Vivid saturation colors of Luxeon® enables a wide color gamut of dynamic lighting effects. Fully dimmable with no loss of color variation.  Starts up in temperatures as low as -40 C.

No UV or Heat is contained in the Light output, But there is generated heat on the back off the LUXEONŽ LED of which you will need a heat sink for proper performance and longevity the LED. You must order a Heatsink, otherwise you must fix the LUXEON® to something that will draw the heat from the part.

All LUXEON®  LEDs are DC operation as low as 3.5 v. See specs page for more information.




 Colors & Specs Available: 

You DO NEED a HEAT SINK for all LUXEONŽ LEDs, please order at bottom of page!

You can purchase with Coin sized Heat sink with Mounted LED ,       Or you can order with Die ONLY  and you glue to Heat sink or Aluminum plate.

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Lumileds Lighting®

LW350 or LW700


LB350 or LB700


LB350 or LG700


LR350 or LR700

5500 K Color Temp.

350 to 700mA

 3.5 to 4.2 VDC max

470 nm Color

350 to 700mA

 3.5 to 4.2 VDC max

530 nm Color 

350 to 700mA

 3.5 to 4.2 VDC max

625 nm Color 

350mA to 700mA

 2.8 VDC max

$$5.00 Ea. to $8.50

$$4.00 Ea. to $8.95

$$4.00 Ea. to $10.95

$$3.00 Ea. to $7.95




5500 K Color Temp.



$22.50 Ea.

Click here to see how to test your LEDs

Fiber Optic Products, Inc. The Lambertian or 'High Dome' LED has the high hemispherical dome with a wider 140 degree view angle. It is said that the high dome series project a wider but clearer light beam and yet with the same light intensity as the Batwings. Luminous flux values remain the same as are the other properties. These High Dome LUXEONŽ should provide a clearer beam pattern while retaining or having an increased brightness level. The Lambertians are available as 1 watt , 3 & 5 Watt Luxeon Stars. THIS IS WHAT WE STOCK, If you need other types please call!




We now carry our brand of 1 Watt leds. Similar to the LUXEONŽ  but much lower in price. Also we have the Collimators for focusing the light from the leds. They fit right on the FOP brand Star Leds.

 1 Watt LEDs 

White Only





  LUXEONŽ Drivers, Kits, & Lenses 



If your unsure what to purchase but wish to start learning about the High Power 1 Watt LEDs then try our NEW 1 Watt Starter Kits. The kit comes complete with your choice of 1 Watt LED, you pick color. 1- Small Heatsink with self-stick backing, 1 Micro-2004 Driver, 1-"AA" Battery Holder, & Instructions.








 MicroDrive 2004 

The Microdrive 2004 is the standard single 1 watt driver at 350mA and will drive a 1 watt LUXEONŽ or strings of 5mm LEDs from 2 alkaline cells or another 3v power source. Order Battery holders Bellow.

You DO NEED a HEATSINK for all LUXEONŽ LEDs, please order at bottom of page!


Data Sheet for Luxeon Click Here







 BuckDrive 1000 


The BuckDrive 1000 models can input power AC or DC up from 5 to 32V. Output is constant current 1000mA. You can drive up to 9 LUXEONŽ 1 Watts at a time. 7 Pin sip for through-hole PC Mounts.  Size: .78" x .78" x .43" 

$22.95 Ea.  1000mA

Please call for data sheets







  HEAT SINKS for Luxeons 

Use these to epoxy your LUXEONŽ for dissipating heat.

Large Heatsink TO-3 Case Style

$2.85 Ea.

Small Heatsink TO-3 Style







  Thermal Grease Compound 

Add our Thermal Grease Compound between the LED and Heatsink for dissipating heat.

1 oz.







 LUXEONŽ Star Lenses 

We stock the 5 %, 8 %,  & 10 % Degree Collimator lens for the LUXEONŽ Star.

Also new Lens Holder for 5% lens.

$3.50 to $4.50 Ea.