Controller Unit

Our new MR16-RGB MR16 110vac & 12v Pin Bulbs are perfect for any Room, Aquarium or Theatre Lighting.  The Remote works just like your TV remote Control, you can change color with a push of the button. FULL Rainbow effects, single color, color wash, color fade & Dimmable. We have 3 Models available: 12 AC or DC 2 Pin, Standard Edison Base Screw in or the Master & Slave Model 2 Pin Base. 

The Master and Slave units work like this. Purchase 1- Maser Bulb, this will control up to 32 Slave Bulbs ( 2-Pin Model Only)

The Standard Screw in Edison Base models fit right into any standard Light Bulb base. These do NOT have a Maser Slave!


5 Watts Only

Complete unit comes with Remote & 1 MR16RGB Bulb. Batteries Included !!!

 You only need 1 bulb, you can order more MR16 bulbs and only need 1 Remote to control multiple  bulbs & all bulbs will change the same color at the same time.

 Discounts for multiple bulbs. Please call for that !

Unit operates with Infrared light within 15-25 ft.

New Lower Prices !!

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