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Spring Valley Slot Car Drag Racers Assc.


How it all began !

It all started in 1968 when I started collecting Tyco and AFX Slot cars and tracks. Back then there was no NHRA slot cars, just Nascar and specialty cars like Jeeps, Trucks, Lemans, and others. So I cut down a few H.O. Slot cars and built on the front to create a Dragster style slot car. They worked ok but not sweet. Wasn't until around 2005 Auto World started producing NHRA 1/64 Scale Slot Cars in Funny Cars and Dragsters.

Of Corse I purchased them all ! I also collected every Hot Wheel and old time Drag racer from the 40's on.

Well I needed to put it all to good uses so I built the first fully detailed 1/64 scale NHRA Drag Raceway complete with Wireless RC remote power, Full Mega Screen TV with Live feed, real time Christmas Tree, real time RT & ET, but the speed was calculated and programmed for scale so the 40's cars vs. a modern Funny car would show true scale speeds.

The whole track and power system runs off Solar Power so not worries of a brown out ! The track is also secure with a 24-7 Camera monitor system and motion sensor to keep the Slackers Out !

So continue on and check out the build !

2017 UPDATE:

Due to the Move from CA to UT. The Track was taken down ! Sad to say I know, but I will be building a Bigger, Bader, & Better track.

It will include Drag, Lemans & NASCAR Track.

Scheduled 2018 build date

Donations gladly accepted !



DATE: To be announced depending on weather


COST: Free Admission

RACE: Exhibition Racing

SHOW: H.O. Car show 3 car limit

CAR SALE: There will also be a HO Car Sale & Trade for  those that wish to sale or trade your Duplicate or older cars.

Winner receives a NEW 1/64 scale Car

RULES: No Alcohol (except in race cars), No Smoking, No Rowdiness. All Violator will be ejected form the Property Immediately !

E-Mail for Reservations Click > SVR

For latest Videos click here > RACER VIDS


DA Build

Here is the Track build under construction.  Post will be weekly or Monthly.

The Electronics for the track will also be posted as we design it !

The Goal for this NHRA Slot Car Track will be Realism ! We will spare no details.

Unlike Normal tracks where you just give it power and the car zooms down the track, this one involves skill.

You will have a Burn out area with Real SOUND and SMOKE !

You will then Pre-Stage and the Sound will change to Motor Idling.

When the lights turn Green you will Have to Shift your Gears in the Correct time every 61 inches of track.

If you shift to fast or to slow your car will slow down and loose time !

At the end of the track you can shift into Reverse and back your car up if needed !

We have Created the WORLDS First Wireless RC System (WSCS)

where you no longer need the use of a hand controller

This system uses a advanced TX-RX-ESC-Switching unit that allows for different slot car classes to race at different speeds and allow for shifting and breaking.

The unit is for sale and custom build at time of order for only $350.00 and allows you to connect to any race set system on the market !

Please e-mail us for information and pictures as this set up is Classified !

This is the best Dam Slot Car Drag Track I have ever seen !

John Farce


See the Video On YouTube Here, More to follow as I produce them !

Drag Videos Click Me


Enjoy Boys !

Lots of Pictures Please let Load !

The story of how I built the whole Track with no Detail left out !


Now we needed a Place with 35 feet of straight run area

Along my Back Fence


TABLE had to be perfectly level



Drag Racing Cars Purchased from Auto World, AFX, & Tyco



Email Us if you wish to Join, Donate or have Questions

Click on Car for E-mail

This track took years to build and a lot of mula out of my pocket but it was for the benefit of Slot Cars around the world and I hope it helps others !

If you wish to donate a few greenback to help continue Slot Cars For Future Generations

Just click the Donate Button

All contributions go to building a Slot Car Raceway for:

 Education, History, and Fun For All Ages !


Racing Timing systems Provided By



If you live or are in the UTAH, Price area, e-mail us and we will give you directions to the Track.

You will get 1 Free Race Day with us, after that you will have to supply your own Slot Cars.

You can use the Wireless RC System as we have them programmed and ready for you.


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