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Here is the Track build under construction.  Post will be weekly.

Now the Design of the Track Laid Out Full !

As you can see I laid out the track and cut holes where the wires will go down.

2 Tracks are laid side by side for a more realistic look, there will also be a 1-1/2" Side extend

on each side for a full scale track. See the MEGA TV Screen down track ? It will show the race in progress by 3-4 camera systems. No Detail was left out on this track !


Each section of track every 62 inches is the power tap for your shifting.


Dividing section from 3rd gear to 4th gear.


For this section I had to merge 2 or 4 Lanes into 1 track for the Return Track.


I cut 2 Curved tracks and 1 Small straight track to make it.


Weld it up like metal with a 30 watt soldering iron and Walla Home Made Track baby !


Grind down with dremel and  weld the back side and its strong ! If you were to purchase this track it may run you $50 and more.


A little filler and flat black paint and done, repeat for end of track to return track and your set !

Track was made using Auto World and Aurora AFX track for return.



Now add the Tree



This is for Camera 1, it will look back to the Tree and Cars lined up just like on TV.

There will be 3-4 Cameras on the track, So as the cars take off, camera 1 will get the start, just as they pass Cam 1 it will switch to Camera 2 getting them pass by mid track. The switch to Cam 3 for a Finish line view. Cam 4 Don't know yet ?


or Underside showing Tree Wires and Camera Wires.


This view shows the wires for the Smoker, Line-Loc Relay, Magnetic switch for Sounds.


Add the Left and Right Speakers that will be hidden.

Sounds are triggered by Magnetic switch as cars pass over them.


Sound system 1 for each driver. Sounds include: Start Engine Burnout and Idle, Start race sound, and Crowd Applause at end of race. There will be a switch to change sounds depending on what you are racing: Motorcycle, Pro-Stock or Top Fuel !




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