Novabright LED Light Driver  

A.K.A MiniBright


The New Novabright LUXEONŽ Light Driver was specially designed for those wishing to purchase a smaller and yet mobile Light Driver for Endglow and Solid Sideglow Fiber Optic Cables Only! Our design team has engineered a special cooling and connection system for the LUXEONŽ 3 Watt LED to allow you to quickly connect cables to the Light Driver.

 The 1 Watt Battery version will run off your choice of 3 volt batteries: 2-"AA", or 2"C"Cells. Please specify at time of ordering! 2 C cells = 24 hours, and 2 AA=5-7 hours on time. This unit was designed for Theater applications, Costumes, Smaller Signs, Hobbies and more.

The 12VDC Unit is designed for Automotive use. Single color light for 12vdc operation in Limos, RV's, Boats, and more. Endglow or Sideglow cable.

The 110vac model (3 Watts) was created for people needing a bit more light but not wishing to purchase a full Halogen Light System. Comes with power 7 ft cord with thumbwheel on-off switch.

 Remember that the Novabright is a Single Color unit only, and comes in your choice of: White, Blue, Red, or Green. Each LED is rated at 50,000 Hours so you will have plenty of light on time! Indoor use ONLY ! Keep away from water when using the 120v AC unit!

The Connector on the unit is our FTC 11 size.

 The box measures: 3"w X 2-3/8"h X 7" L (including Connector). 


This product is on back order for 2-3 weeks


 Novabright Driver-1                   Novabright Driver-2   


Battery Version                                      12 VDC Version

$69.95                                                         $79.95




   Novabright Driver-3 

120Vac Version




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