Q & A  

 Most Asked Fiber Optic, Led, And Whatever Questions 


For those that find it to hard to slowly read each webpage, we have put together a few answers to the most asked questions on items we carry.


1.) Do you guys sell fiber optics?   A: YES    Duh !

2.) Do you ship around the world?   A: In Most Cases

3.) Do Fiber Optics get hot or carry electricity?   A: NO   Just Light !!

4.) Can I use Fiber Optics in a dangerous area like Gas tanks or Oil rigs?  A: Yes, but be careful of the plastic creating static in some conditions. !!

5.) Is Lightning Wire a Fiber Optics?  A: NO they are different items, read the page!

6.) Can Lighting Wire go in water areas?  A: Yes if you seal both ends very good !!

7.) Can Sideglow cable be used as a Work-light for dark places?   A: Its not a good source, a flashlight will be cheaper!

7.) Do Leds get Hot?  A: No

8.) How much light or Lumens come out of a Fiber Cable?  A: Ok this one has many answers, it all depends on the Size of the cable, the run length, the Light source you have at the other end, so on , and so on, SO if you have a 100 Watt Halogen Light unit, and are running a EG50 Strand Endglow cable, what you see or cast at the other end is about 10-20 Watts of light. You only get a percentage of the Wattage !!!

9.) Do you sell Star Ceiling Kits?   A: NO Each Ceiling is different so we need to know the area you are covering and we then compute the cable you need plus the light unit or units it will take to light an area!

10.) Can Fiber Optic be used in the human body?   A: NO, the fiber is a PMMA plastic, and will cause cancer if used in the body.

11.) Is Cable returnable?   A: NO, once we cut any cable or Lightning Wire, it is non-refundable, it is considered a consumable and we do not sell used cables!

12.) Do you sell glass Fibers?    A: NO  Plastic Only Here !!

13.) Do you guys have a Display area we can come and see?  A:  NO, we are a private Corp, not open to public.

14.) Can I use the Fiber For my Fish Aquarium?    A:  Yes the fiber is Fish Safe!

15.) Do you carry Colored Fiber?  A: Yes, but only Fluorescent, Fibers, and Only the COLORS you see! ALl Standar Fiber Optics is CLEAR, to change its color you put a colored light at the end of it  GOT IT !!

16.) Why was I charged more on shipping then my receipt showed?   A: We show the minimum charge for shipping based on what you select, depending on the items and destination, the charge may be higher!

17.) How fast can I get something mailed out to me?   A: Depends what u r ordering and how you wish it shipped!

18.) How many cables can the light unit hold? A: All light units can hold 500 to 1000 fibers based on the .75mm fiber. so to calculate the number of cables for a connector take 500 or 1000 divided by Cable size, and you get the answer: I.E. 500 % EG32 = 15 cables in box !!

19.) What glues can I use on the Unjacketed fiber? A: Tack Glue or Epoxy, DO NOT use plastic cement or superglue as it will melt the fibers.

20.) Why was I not Called Back after leaving a message ? A: You left your message and number so fast that we could not understand it !!!  Speed Kills !!!

21.) Does Fluorescent fiber glow along its sides:  NO  only where you nick or cut it. And do not us it as Sideglow its not designed for that.