Fiber Rainbow Lighting Kit

 Now you can add fiber Optic to your  Models, Floral Arrangements, Hat, Coat, Clothing, or anything your wish.

The Fiber Rainbow Kit comes with the Following:

1.) Mini Rainbow Driver, with 7 Color Rainbow. Measures: 3 1/4 x 5/8"

2.) 2 Ft of our new LG50-5 Endglow Cable

3.) Unit flashes rainbow colors and single color modes also

4.) Simple to read instructions.

Please note: we can no longer supply the Epoxy that came with unit , we have discounted the kit to .. . . . 

All for ONLY

$12.95 Ea.


Cut Fiber cable to length, insert in cloth or other material, add epoxy (sold separately) to hold fibers, and Light'er up!

Make your Own Flashing Logos for your Team, Company or Club


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