Shooting Star & Fireworks

FiberFX LED Optic System

The First LED Light Effects systems for Star Ceilings, Signs, Hobbies and More.


The "FiberFX" LED Lighting BOX has 5 Programmable effects:

 Random Flash, LED Wash, Shooting Star, 1-64, & Comet trail.

You simply connect fiber optics to LED's on unit and run other end to Ceilings, Signs, Costumes and more. What ever you wish!

LED unit has Ultra Low power consumption only 200ma @ 9vdc and is simple to use. 64- 5mm WHITE LEDs that light up in different patters when you select the Effect. Includes colored permanent markers to witch you color the ends of the fibers tips going into the box, and that color will appear at the end glow. Simply push fiber into Fiber-Clamp  connector, tighten, and your ready to go! 

Units can be linked together for multiple effects (special Order)  i.e.: First unit set for 1 to 64 flash, next unit set for wash. The effects then will give you a Large fireworks display. REMEMBER this unit does not create a ANIMATION, you have to do that bases on how you align fibers (sold separately) in a arranged manner !!  Unit has 3 potentiometers on board, 1 for Speed of flash, 1 for Delay between lines, and 1 for Reset or start over time. There is one effects button, it allows you to enter any mode or effect: Master, Slave or Stand Alone. Each hole has the capability of holding 15 fibers per led for a total of 690 total fibers.

For Special color LEDs, or custom effects, please call in!

 There is a $5.00 Discount per unit if you purchase more then 2 units. Lowest price for up to 10 units is $215.00 each.

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$249.00 ea.


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