Sound To Light RGB Controller Unit

Sound to light Controller with transformer

The NEW Sound-2-Light-RGB Unit.

The Unit comes with the following:

1 Port for our RGB bars, 3 Ports for Single color LEDs or LED bars.

 Simple push button for selecting the color and effect you wish.

12vdc Power for Automotive, battery or Wall Power 12 800mA (Transformer include).

RCA Line-In Jack for connecting right to your Stereo.

Build in microphone.

Rainbow, Single Color, or Sound to Light Modes.


How It Works:

Select either Wall or Battery power, Select Line-In or Mic for incoming sound or music. Next Plug in your Leds or Led bars (Sold separately Click here). Push button to select from Sound to Light, Rainbow, or Single color mode. Unit has 3 Channels + 1 RGB out Channel. If you plug in a RGB bar then the out color will respond to the frequency set by the on board chip. You can also plug in 3 separate color led bars your choice of colors for responding to  Low 60Hz to 150hZ - Mid 150-Hz to 3.5kHz - High 3.5KHz to 20KHz Frequencies. The out-put will dance to the music, push the button to adjust  Brightness!  Unit Measures: 2.75" Sq x 1" H

Note: Because most Music and Voice Frequencies are around the 1000Hz Range you may see the mid channel light most frequently. 


Sound to light controller side viewsound to light controller rear viewsound to light controller in actionRGB sound to light controller top view

         Front Output             Mic, Mode, RCS & Power       LED Bars Lit           Top Down View


 S2LRGB-1 Unit 

ONLY $69.95 Ea.