Specifications of our Fiber Optic Lighting and Cable

End Emitting or Endpoint Fiber (POF): Made for many uses in many applications such as: Interior or exterior signage, scale models, floral displays, hobbyists and underwater spectacles in aquariums.

End-Point Fiber Specs:
Plastic optical fiber is a total reflective type which has a concentric double structure consisting of a core of transparent polymethylmethcrylate (PMMA) of a high refractive index, covered with a thin layer of special transparent cladding material of a low refractive index. The light entering from one end is transmitted, repeating the total reflection and then is discharged from the other end.
Endpoint fiber optic PMMA (polymethylmethcrylate) Acrylic Fiber Optics come in many size diameters from .25mm up to 3mm. The Attenuation is measured with a 1mm fiber at 650 nm-collimated light. Here are its specifications:

Refractive Index Core: 1.492

Reflective Index Clad: 1.402

Numerical Aperture: 0.51

Temperature Range: -55° C ~ 70° C

Maximum Attenuation: 0.2 dB/m (0.18 dB/m Typical)

Applications: Signs, illumination, sensors, lamps, data link (short distance)


Sideglow Cable Specs:

As an alternative to neon, solid core Sideglow optic cable can be used to decorate buildings, highlight architectural features and exterior signage. It can be used in such applications as underwater lighting in swimming pools and spas, backlighting of signage, glass block lighting, cove lighting and landscape lighting.

Sideglow fiber optic cable is a single large diameter Solid optical gel core made from optically pure cast acrylic monomers, including MMA, to ensure flexibility, and superior light transmission. It can transmit light over reasonable long distances. Light is transmitted over the entire length of the solid core cable without electrical danger, or heat. The light source such as a halogen light box is used as an illuminator, which is place at one or both ends of the fiber. A color wheel can be added to the illuminator to change the color of the fiber to as many as eight colors. Its bend radius is less than 6 X its diameter.
Utilizing a recently perfected production process called continuous casting, Sideglow solid cable can now give off brilliant color clarity and a continuous bright light transmission that was not possible in earlier solid core fibers. A crystal clear Teflon sleeve gives high intensity brightness along the entire length of the optic cable. The distance of light carried is only for 100' or less before needing to add another illuminator or loop back to the light source.
The optic fiber is energy efficient, flexible, and requires virtually no maintenance. It is available in 5.5mm (1/5"), 7mm (1/4") 9mm (3/8") and 12.7mm (1/2") diameters. Spool lengths are 260 continuous feet of Cable.

Sideglow cable Specs:

Temperature Stability:
Core to 120 deg. C. (248 deg.F) Cladding to 390 deg. C. (734 deg.F)
Operating Temp. Range:
Minimum: minus 40 deg.C (-104 deg.F) Maximum:plus120 deg C (248 deg.F)
Moisture Absorption: Core composition is hydroscopic. Optics ends must be sealed to avoid absorption.
Chemical resistance: Teflon cladding is chemically resistant and impervious to solvents. The core is affected by strong solvents.
Storage: Dark/dry location where temperature is within specifications.

Spectral Range: 370 to 690 nm—visible wavelength range

Acceptance Angle: 45 deg.

Numerical Aperture: 0.65

Glass Transition Temp: 53.8 deg. C

Attenuation: Less than 1.6% per foot (5.3% per meter)