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Welcome to the Fiber section. We carry Unjacketed Fiber, Endglow Cable, & Sideglow Solid and Stranded Cable.

Unjacketed Plastic Fibers Section

The following Fibers are POF (Plastic Optical Fibers) Not Glass! Plastic is easy to work with and cut, and less expensive. They can be used for everything from: Models, Lamps, Layouts, Stars, Illumination of signs, Data links, Automotive, Science projects, etc. The Attenuation is measured with 1.0 mm diameter fiber at 650 nm collimated light. Typical (0.18 dB/m) , Refractive index-Clad (1.402), Core (1.492), Aperture (0.51), Temp. Range (-55C~70C) So there ya go!


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# U250


.10c ft.

This fiber is the size of your hair. Used for very small endpoints.

Full Spool Price:

39,360 ft. on spool

$276.00 Ea.

# U500


.12c Ft.

This fiber is the size of Fishing line. Used for models, hobbies, costumes, etc.

Full Spool Price:

19,680 ft. on spool

$410.00 Ea.

# U750


.15c Ft.

This fiber is the size of a small paper clip. Used mostly for all star ceiling points and models.

Full Spool Price:

8,856 ft. on spool

$372.00 Ea.



# U1000


.27c ft.

This fiber is the size of a large paper clip. It is used for lighting larger endpoints, costumes, arts and crafts, etc.

Full Spool Price:

4,920 ft. on spool

$405.00 Ea.

# U2000


.52c ft.

This fiber is the size of a large coat hanger wire. It is used for large star points, lighting display areas, hobbies, etc.

Full Spool Price:

1,148 ft. on spool

$380.00 Ea.

# U3000


$1.35 ft.

This fiber is the largest of all. It is used for large endpoints or where more light is needed on a area to be lit.

Full Spool Price:

492 ft. on spool

$335.00 Ea.

Spool charge of $2.00 will be added for all orders over 125 ft. of any fiber or cable.

Quantity discounts available over 100-500-1000 ft, please call for quotes.

If unsure about sizes please select out FS2 sampler pack.

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Fixtures Page for Endglow and Sideglow cables click here




How to Light a Star Ceiling

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Endglow Cable

This cable contains a .75mm fiber in a black PVC jacket. It is UV protected and safe underground and in water. The # of fibers per jacket is after the "EG" i.e.: EG50 has 50 - .75mm fibers per jacket. Cable is used with our larger light units for Star ceiling applications, Landscape & Interior lighting, Downlighting, and Endpoint sign lighting.


# EG4

1/8" .45c ft.

# EG8

3/16" .85c ft.

# EG12

1/4" $1.20 ft.

# EG25

5/16" $2.20 ft.

# EG50

3/8" $4.65 ft.

# EG75

7/16" $5.50 ft.

# EG150

5/8" $8.60 ft.

# EG225

3/4" $14.00 ft.

>> 5' Minimum order on Endglow cable <<



Solid Endglow

PVC Jacketed 5-9-12mm cable

Perfect for Solar applications!

Solid Endglow cable, same as our Sideglow cable but with a Black PVC jacket on it for use in Solar applications, Home lighting, Landscape and yard lighting and more!


EGS5B .............. $5.75 ft.

EGS9B .............. $6.75 ft.

EGS12B .............. $8.10 ft.

>> 5' Minimum order on Endglow cable <<




Fiber Sampler


We have upgraded our FS2 Sampler kit just for you!

The best way to get a feel for Fibers. This little kit comes with the following: 3 feet of our entire unjacketed fibers U250, U500, U750, U1000, & U2000. One foot of our jacketed, LG64, E1000 (Simplex) & E2000 (Duplex) & EG25 Endglow Cable. And 6" of our SGS5 Sideglow Cable & Fiber Polishing Kit with instructions.

Kit does not include Fluorescent fiber.

Bad picture but you get the idea!


All for only $18.50 ea.


Want More? Then go for our New......

Fiber Starter Kit


What your kit comes with:

1-Mini Nova Light unit with White FTC-9 l 8' of E1000 Simplex cable l 3' of 1mm fiber l 1ft. of EG25 l 6" of our SGS5 Sideglow cable l DNP connectors l Suction Cups l Color Gels l Polishing Films l & Instructions booklet

All for only

$36.95 Ea.





Light Guide Cable

The following fibers are called Light Guide cable. They are made with a .25mm fiber in a jacket. The number of fibers per jacket is after the LG. This fiber is use for models and larger light carrying needs.


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# LG64

$1.95 ft.

This cable has 64 .25mm fiber per jacket and is used by many modelers. It is also good for an End-lit LED look!

# LG-5-32

$1.95 ft.

This cable has 32 .5mm fiber per jacket and is a bit larger for modelers. Perfect also for star effects.




Simplex & Duplex Cables

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# E1000


.55c ft.

This cable is use for communication projects and as a replacement for systems using a 1mm jacketed cable. Used with our ST style & DNP connectors.

# E2000


.75c ft.

Like the Simplex but has 2 - 1mm fibers side by side in a PVC jacket. Used as a two way cables for send and receive.




Fluorescent Fibers

These fibers gather light along the side of the fiber and emmit it at the ends.


This fiber is used for Gun & Bow sights, Christmas decorations, and other hobbies. Colors come in Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Violet.

.250mm fiber R Only @ .15 ft.

.5mm fiber R,G,Y,O,V @ .60 ft.

.75mm fiber R,G,Y,O,V @ .85 ft.

1mm fiber R,G,Y,O,V @ $1.35 ft.

2mm Fiber in R,G,Y,O @ $3.10 ft.

3mm Fiber in G,O only @ $5.00 ft.

Example order: R2000 = Red Fiber @ $1.25 ft.

R=Color, #=size ...... get it!


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